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Shady Pines Asylum

Shady Pines Asylum once held the darkest secrets of Dr. Bodkin and its twisted orderlies. With the asylum now in ruins, the truth about his experiments will make your blood run cold. The doctor and his demented co-conspirators have gone on the run, but they have left a trail of evidence that leads to their ultimate, insidious plan.

Are you ready to face your fears and uncover the horror of Shady Pines Asylum? Step into the abandoned facility, and brace yourself for the most spine-chilling event of the year. With every step, you'll uncover more secrets as the hunt for the perpetrators continues. Can you survive the terror unleashed by Dr. Bodkins' failed experiments?

Experience the ultimate thrill of your life. Live the horror, and see if you'll make it out alive!

The Scary Clowns

On a dark October night, it all began with the savage and sadistic sounds of demented laughter; as a group of pranksters, dressed like SCARY CLOWNS went out into the darkness of night to terrorize a group of unsuspecting hotel guests. Their goal was to unleash the sickest and scariest pranks imaginable for YouTube fame. Until it all went wrong.

It was supposed to be the mother of all clown pranks. Trap a group of weary travelers in an old hotel full of creepy clowns and scare them to death. Terror, torment, torture... and much more. Do clowns scare you? Are you afraid of the dark? Do you frighten easily?

TONIGHT, you'll find out for yourself because TONIGHT there is nowhere to run and hide and absolutely NO escape. You are trapped in a haunted hotel full of scary clowns.

 ticket information

Hours of operation

Friday, Saturday 7pm-11pm
Sunday:  7pm-10pm

Regular Admission Tickets  $30

Regular Admission tickets are all sold with a scheduled arrival time during 30 minute time slots, each hour. Select your preferred arrival time slot and enter the queue during your slot. Timed ticketing helps to reduce wait times and reduce parking issues. Purchase tickets online or at the door at our Ticket Booth (cash only sales at the Ticket Booth)

Express Queue Tickets

Express Queue Tickets  $45

Express Queue Tickets are in limited supply and provide the shortest wait time. You skip the regular admission line, and are admitted into our facility as the next possible entrance during the scheduled arrival time slot you purchase. Purchase tickets online or at the door at our Ticket Booth (cash only sales at the Ticket Booth

WARNING: Dark Harvest provides an intense, horror and fearful based experience designed for an adult audience. It is NOT designed for children or sensitive people. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 13 YEARS OLD. *NO REFUNDS* See our FAQ page for more details

where to find us

We are right off the 22 freeway on Brookhurst St. and Garden Grove Blvd!  Parking is limited onsite, plenty of optional parking is available behind us by taking the next driveway after our entrance. 

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