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The Growers Behind the Harvest

About Us

Since his early teens, he has been obsessed with creating mazes and scaring people. He started putting on small scale garage haunts as a kid with some friends on his street. As an adult, that passion for creativity never left and he has done multiple events at his own house.  In 2008 and 2009 he started making home haunts again based on Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the story of Hansel and Gretel.

In 2015, he wanted to create a full scale independent commercial haunt.  2019 was the fifth and final year doing the Fleshyard as a separate entity.  In 2020, he helped create the "Harvest of Horrors" event at Frosty's Forest Pumpkin Patch in Chino.  In 2021, The Fleshyard was officially rebranded as "Dark Harvest".  The irony of his passion is the fact that he is VERY easy to scare and startle, so everyone loves to take advantage of it!

Adam LeBlanc


The Team of

Dark Harvest Haunt

Listings for the rest of the staff are under construction, so Stay Tuned!

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Still Conjuring the Spirits

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