The Story of the Fleshyard:

Adam and Kerry LeBlanc are the Owner-Operators of the Fleshyard Haunted Maze. Adam is a Unix Systems Engineer by day, but devotes tons of man hours to his love of all things haunted.


Since his early teens, he has been obsessed with creating mazes and scaring people. He started putting on small scale garage haunts as a kid with some friends on his street. As an adult, that passion for creativity never left and he has done multiple events at his own house. In previous years, he has worked with Perdition Home haunt.  


In 2015, he branched off of Perdition Home to create a full scale independent commercial haunt.  2019 was the fifth and final year doing the Fleshyard as a separate entity.  In 2020, he once again teamed up with Perdition Home to create "Harvest of Horrors" at Frosty's Forest Pumpkin Patch.  The irony of his passion is the fact that he is VERY easy to scare and startle, so everyone loves to take advantage of it!

The Story of Perdition Home:

In 2008, we established ourselves as the not-so-average home haunt next door and have since become an eyesore of extravagant BLOODY thrills. Every year during the month of October our average-looking home is transformed into a savage maze that puts other customary home haunts to shame.

Our 2011 season was a huge step up with an impressive turnout of 850+ people on October 29,30,31st. Many attendants fled other typical mazes to come and witness ours because of the exceptional craft of it. Some wouldn't enter at all because of the sheer dread they felt.

In 2013, Desolation Field, our forth haunt, turned heads everywhere with not only two facades, but more GORE than ever before! The final guest tally was set at around 1100. This was also in addition to being covered by Theme Park Adventure, a website/youtuber dedicated to filming all sorts of haunts from ones at home to ones at Knott's Scary Farm!

The Fleshyard 2015

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Perdition Home 2008