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Shady Pines Asylum once held the darkest secrets of Dr. Bodkin and its twisted orderlies. With the asylum now in ruins, the truth about his experiments will make your blood run cold. The doctor and his demented co-conspirators have gone on the run, but they have left a trail of evidence that leads to their ultimate, insidious plan.


Since 2020 - Present

Once inside the motel, you'll be transported to another world where the clowns roam free. With their creepy makeup and evil grins, these clowns will stop at nothing to keep their victims captive. You'll have to outsmart them if you want to make it out alive!


Since 2023 - Present

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In the 1800s, the Kearney Family Farm served as the source of food for families across Northern California. With 35,000 acres, the family produced many goods such as freshly butchered livestock by their own Abraham Kearny.

One day, a neighbor had come to purchase goods only to find the entire family had been murdered and scattered across the land. Their bodies, as well as their last supper on the table, were crawling with maggots and rotting by the day .

The stench of the farmland lingered days after the incident thus was given it's name.


Since 2015 - 2021

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